Jetoon Patel with JPG Wealth Management| Las Vegas Headshot Photography

Las Vegas Corporate Headshot Photographer Alissa Esposito Photography |

As you go along in life you come across a few very special people who are genuine, honest, sweet, hard working and will go out of their way for you. Jetoon is one of those people, and I feel lucky to have known her for the past few years. Jet, as she likes to go by, is from Montreal and she worked in investing there. After moving to the states she became an insurance broker and has recently got back into the wealth management and investing business. I'm excited to watch her business grow as I know she is always successful in her endeavors and she genuinely enjoys helping other people, which I believe always comes back to you some how. I was honored to take her corporate headshots for her new website. Check her company out, JPG Wealth Management.


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