Gardens of Versailles, France | Fine Art Travel Photography


Hands down one of my favorite places I've ever been to is the Chateau De Versailles. I must confess I have been three times I love it so much. Just outside of Paris, France this beautiful palace was once a hunting lodge and in it's grand days was able to host thousands of people in the French royal court. The king built a small palace called the Grand Trianon just to escape the hectic life at the main palace of Versailles The gardens extend to the horizon and you could wander for days in attempts to see all the grounds stumbling on hidden fountains and perfectly manicured hedges. Rent a bike and bike the perimeter of the grand canal with a picnic at the far end with a grand view of the palace and the surrounding estate. The image below is a horizontal panorama of the orangerie garden. Check out my Etsy shop for more of my fine art travel photography available for purchase.