How Do You Dream of Being Photographed?


How Do You Dream of Being Photographed?

For some there may be an immediate answer to that question, for others they may draw a blank and still some may feel a moment of unease or panic at that thought of having someone create a portrait of them. Something I've found that I really enjoy is making women feel beautiful by creating a portrait of them that they love. The complete model for a day portrait experience includes a wardrobe style session, professional hair and makeup to make you feel pampered and to bring out your natural beauty by boosting your confidence, a 90 minute portrait session and an in person reveal session. Often times we as women take care of everyone else and put ourselves last. I don't have kids, just fur babies, but I know that it's a rarity if I step in front of the camera. Like many of you I am my own worst critic. In a way that's a good thing as it means I'm always striving to improve myself. On the other hand it means I tend look into the mirror and see only flaws. Next week I'm stepping in front of the camera myself to get a new headshot and a beautiful portrait of me that some day I hope to look back on and say I am proud of the strong beautiful and authentic person I came to be in my mid 30's.

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To introduce you to my real women portrait project I want you to meet my dear friend Lisa. She is a fellow photographer, awesome wife and mom of two handsome little boys. To say she has her hands full is an understatement. Her husband was recently offered a job in Florida and they will be moving to the Emerald Coast. I asked her to come over to experience my model for a day shoot complete with professional hair and makeup. Let's be honest when was the last time you had your hair and makeup done professionally? I bet may of you may say your wedding or your son or daughter's wedding. I was so excited Lisa agreed to step in front of my camera to create a beautiful portrait of her. I hope she says wow is that really me? Yes! You are gorgeous. 

Every woman should have a portrait that makes them feel beautiful, sexy and confident. How do you dream of being photographed? Lets chat about your dream portrait session.

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